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Hello and welcome to ShoStoWriMo! This community is for all those who have heard about NaNoWriMo and think maybe its a bit much to write, or you prefer short stories. Well, thats's what we're here for!

First things first, join the community. We'd love to have you! Then you need to decide on your goal before posting in the current month's RSVP post. Commit to that goal. We want to help you reach it! Lastly, when the month is over, let us know how you did.

We'll be here all month long to help push you over that bump in the road you find yourself at. If you like word warring, you can probably find us on some sort of instant messenger or if you don't have one, comments work too.

Basic Rules
-->Be kind and respectful to others
-->Remember to tag your entries! All it takes is typing your username into the box labeled tags below the box for your entry.
-->Be honest
-->Try to be active, you don't have to post everyday but keeping up to date with the community helps make new friends. And friends are the best thing about the WriMos.

Contest Basics
-->You may choose your word count for the short story or stories you write during the month, but the lowest you must write to win is 15,000
--> Before the contest begins a mod will post a RSVP entry which all who are taking part in that month's contest will leave a comment with their goal.
-->At the end of the month, a mod will post an entry with the list of winners and prizes for those who won

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

♥ Kari
xx_karifox_xx and therealkarity


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