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Feburary RSVP

I can't believe its already Feburary! Our theme for this month is Love. Makes since, seeing as Valentine's Day is in Feburary. Haha~ Remember to let us know if you're going to aim for the goal of 15k or more this month by leaving us a comment.

Also: Until we have more active members, I'll just be using the same winner's icon because if not a lot of people are particpating, then I don't need to make a new icon each month, right?

♥ Kari

PS: I changed my journals around but you'll see me on here as truekarity and thats for keeps, haha.

Dream Scene?

I can't seem to be able to write this dream scene (which is actually the first scene in my short story) in a way that I can live with enough to go onto the next scene.

Basicly what I'm trying to get down in is this: The secondary MMC (I have first and secondary MCs for this one, haha) finds himself in maze he knows but doesn't understand why he is there. He'll see a friend who he knows shouldn't be there/isn't there but is calling to him. For awhile the dream is of him chasing after this friend. At the end of the dream he catches up to his friend who only says "Find me." and then he wakes up.

I'm sorry if its a little confusing but I don't wanna give away too much of my story before I write it, haha~

Thanks for any help. <3
Karity ([info]therealkarity )

December winners and January RSVP!

Hi guys! Its New Years Eve! This means tonight (or already for some in different time zones like Jess) ends our first ShoStoWriMo contest! We've got a bunch of stuff going on in this post. First thing's first, an icon for our December winners:


Second, our January RSVP! Wow, I can hardly believe 2009 is almost here already! Our theme for January is New Beginnings. Remember, drop us a comment on this post letting us know if you're going to participate and your goal. If you'd like to, let us know if you're doing the theme or not.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

♥ Karity

xx_karifox_xx and therealkarity

December: Week One Progress.

Hey guys! Week one of December is now over. How are your short story/stories going? Flowing easily? Already made your goal? Ready to kick it up a step? Maybe you're struggling to get the words going, but either way, this is the place for you. Discuss your triumphs and despairs in the comments below, just don't let yourself get too distracted from writing. [;


December RSVP!

Hey guys! We've only got a few days left before December is here and our very first contest kicks off! Yay!

Our theme for December is Joy/Happiness or Togetherness.

Please leave a post letting us know your goal for the month and if you will be using the theme or not. Remember, you don't have to. If you have any questions or anything, please let us know. During December, feel free to post anything that you may have problems with or if you just want to keep us updated on your WC, thats good too.

♥ Kari
xx_karifox_xx and therealkarity


Hi guys! Hope you’re all ready for the next month here at ShoStoWriMo, but for now we’ve got a new concept to explore, and that concept is known as “themes.”

For each month of the year, a theme will be set. That theme can act as a sort of prompt for your story or stories that month, giving you a direction to work towards so you don’t find yourself stuck and staring at a blank page come day one. Of course, we understand that contestants will have ideas of their own in mind, and that is why themes are optional, meaning that you can use them if you wish, or if you don’t want to, then you don’t have to, and it won’t hinder your ability to win.

If you’re unclear of exactly what a theme is, here is an example. If the theme for the upcoming month was “love”, then you would write a short story involving love, whether that involves two people falling in love, the love of friends, the love of a place, or anything else that your mind cares to wander to. Just let your imagination go wild!

Themes for the upcoming month will be posted in the RSVP entry, and when you reply with your goal for the month you will also be asked to state whether or not you will be following the theme for one (or more) of your short story or stories that month.

If there's anything you feel we've left unanswered, feel free to ask myself (xxjessss ) or Kari (xx_karifox_xx  and therealkarity ).


Hello and welcome to ShoStoWriMo! This community is for all those who have heard about NaNoWriMo and think maybe its a bit much to write, or you prefer short stories. Well, thats's what we're here for!

First things first, join the community. We'd love to have you! Then you need to decide on your goal before posting in the current month's RSVP post. Commit to that goal. We want to help you reach it! Lastly, when the month is over, let us know how you did.

We'll be here all month long to help push you over that bump in the road you find yourself at. If you like word warring, you can probably find us on some sort of instant messenger or if you don't have one, comments work too.

Basic Rules
-->Be kind and respectful to others
-->Remember to tag your entries! All it takes is typing your username into the box labeled tags below the box for your entry.
-->Be honest
-->Try to be active, you don't have to post everyday but keeping up to date with the community helps make new friends. And friends are the best thing about the WriMos.

Contest Basics
-->You may choose your word count for the short story or stories you write during the month, but the lowest you must write to win is 15,000
--> Before the contest begins a mod will post a RSVP entry which all who are taking part in that month's contest will leave a comment with their goal.
-->At the end of the month, a mod will post an entry with the list of winners and prizes for those who won

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

♥ Kari
xx_karifox_xx and therealkarity